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Young Boss

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My names Nikki, I'm 21 years young and I love to compete. I enjoy long walks to the fridge and 3+ car tandems. I'm known for my dedication and mindset attitude to achieve anything I set my mind to. I've climbed a 100ft aerial ladder, repelled from a 12 story building, wore a air mask in a pitch black building with low air for 3 hours, put out a tanker truck fire, and warehouse fire. I love to be challenged and always accomplish more then anyone can expect.
I’m a black belt in Tang Soo Do and was one of only two female drifters to ever compete in a semi-pro event (Xtreme Drift Circuit). I’ve broken axles, cracked rims, snapped tie rods, and shattered aero. In the last year, I have pushed myself to learn all aspects of drifting; on and off the track. I’m at every event, rain or shine, and continuously challenge myself. I’m not afraid to wreck, will take my car to It’s breaking point, and do whatever it takes to reach my goals.
By picking me for Octane Academy your helping me to prepare for Pro-Am and to take on 90+ mph entries on Evergreen Speedway’s 5/8th bank. Why do I want to be on Octane Academy you ask? I struggled with the 3/8th bank, and can admit I've gone over that bank more times then anyone at the track. I never gave up and continued to push myself, coming back harder after every run. Evergreen's 5/8th bank has no room for error, with a wall waiting behind you if you make the slightest mistake. Today I carry the world on my shoulders, tomorrow In my hands. Help me to someday be where you are today. By giving me a chance I won’t let you down! I got this! All or Nothing!

"Nikki showed great dedication by attending practically every drift event in western Washington to achieve her dream of drifting in the pro ranks.
She is one of a handful of female drifters in the Northwest and her distinctive pink colored S13 dubbed "The Pink Piglet" is a crowd favorite." - Evergreen Speedway

“Queen of drift, Nikki San Miguel is one of few lady drifters in Washington, who has made huge leaps in here skill level in the past few months.” -

“Love seeing a lady drift, especially in a car done correctly.”
-24 Hour Fitment

“Building an original car is one thing, but I think what really takes balls (ovaries, in this case) is to be a girl, drifting on track with a bunch of dudes. I have the utmost respect for the women who have the drive to not only build a drift car, but use it as well.”
- MotorMavens

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